Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's Five o'clock Somewhere

The light this morning is soft and cool. It strikes an assortment of large leaves I had collected last fall. I pick one of them up; it's perforated. The holes are the same size as those in the ceramic.

These are not tropical leaves. These are large, exotic-looking but deciduous. They have dried into tattered, windblown, dramatic shapes.

Hm. Fixing them into the vase, placing a collection of luscious tropical fruit at the focal point, I muse about the contrast in colors and shapes and a theme begins to emerge. God's creation is larger than just the season of one country. Winter and summer are going on all at once in this world. 

Experience is greater than that of one person. As one mourns, another rejoices. 

Once I've solved the problems of composition and theme, the first rough lay-in of paint takes only a few hours.


  1. I know that you understand perspective very well, but do you "eye-ball" it when you are sketching in your composition? (I do.)

  2. Can you lend me some of that? Chapter 26 of Wolf Whistles has been languishing in my "drafts" folder as a completely blank page for weeks now. Love the colors in the picture, btw! Let me know if you want me to help you make the blog a little wider, so you can put bigger pictures there.

  3. Susanms, yes the first lay-in I "eye-ball" the perspective. Then on the second coat I will do the structured perspective drawing where needed.